The same Bible that commands us to "NOT forsake the assembling of ourselves together", also commands us to love each other, to love our neighbors and to love even our enemies.

Social distancing is the only common sense response to this unprecedented Covid-19 crises, it is also the most practical way we can demonstrate our love and respect for one another.  

We here at Alta Vista Church, along with all the other churches that have decided not to assemble in order to reduce the spread of the virus, have come under no small amount of criticism. We have been accused of forsaking the assembly.

But to forsake, is to abandon. And we most assuredly have NOT forsaken the wonderful privilege of assembling together to worship God. Quite the contrary, we are longing for the day we can meet again.  And each week we are apart our longing grows.  Congregational worship is our joy; it is our source of inspiration, edification and fellowship. It is our life.  And greater love has no one, than to lay down his life, for love of another.

Each worship service, each bible study, each and every time we lay down our right to assemble, we do so out of love for each other.